Online courses and private coaching

CaseCoach is a platform which connects experienced consulting professionals with candidates and allows them to engage via private coaching sessions. The website was built using WordPress and the LearnDash plugin, which enables the company to publish, maintain and sell online courses and coaching sessions. The solution also contains a catalogue-style blog which contributes significantly to the company’s SEO.

The custom-built CMS admin panel enables the business to maintain vast amounts of content, which comes in many formats – images, documents, videos, recordings and others. Our team worked on a complex permission-based model to ensure users can only access relevant content for them.We also built a number of custom-developed WordPress plugins, which the application uses to extract detailed user analytics and present them in a beautiful dashboard. A secure API connection developed from scratch ensures the application can talk to other systems in the client ecosystem.

The brand new platform increased the traffic to the client’s website by a multitude of 5 and has increased revenue significantly in the first few months of operation. Today, we still continue working on the product and develop new features.

WordPress, PHP, VueJS, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, LearnDash, Google Analytics, API Integrations, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

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