The Instagram for Travellers


The application helps users capture, preserve and share their most memorable adventures and collect them in unique travel books. Tripagram brings the digital spirit of favourite travel destinations of people around the world and helps them connect.

For this project we used one of the most innovative technologies for mobile app development - React Native. This means the final product we created is a cross-platform solution which can be used on both iOS and Android.

Tripagram is integrated with Google Maps, which makes discovering new inspiring places extremely easy and intuitive for everyone who uses it - just browse the interactive map with exciting locations or use the search feature.

To help Tripagramers keep in touch with their travel buddies and friends, users receive notifications for story-like content that people in their network have uploaded. Each location has reviews and original user-generated content, as well as useful tips and recommendations.

The light user interface made the overall experience of using the application extremely pleasant and intuitive. Tripagram is a faightful servant to anyone who loves travelling and the seamless user experience contributes greatly for users to not feel distracted by the product.