The Digital Urban Community


Vizia Za Sofia is an initiative to reach out to the big and small communities that thrive within the capital of Bulgaria. The main project goal is to devise and present united vision for the future development of Sofia based on the needs and wants of its inhabitants.

The core platform requirement is the ability to collect valuable feedback from community members, while ensuring their absolute anonymity and user privacy. Covering many aspects of urban life, users can have their say in a variety of different forms: questionnaires, image uploads, forum posts and geo locations.

Fully integrated with Sofia Municipality’s central registry system, the product offers interactive charts and maps, where different user groups can provide or retrieve public information.

A product built to empower Vizia za Sofia to easily customize the platform’s outlook and manage the content via comprehensive CMS, while also improving administrative efficiency by optimizing and automating internal processes.

All in one – fully responsive product, featuring custom-built analytics tool and integrated with multiple systems to ensure smooth user experience.